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You Deserve The Best Lawyer ...with legal services you can trust! You Deserve The Best Lawyer ...with legal services you can trust!
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My vision is to expand into a one window law firm providing legal services to satisfy my clients every need. I envision a collaboration of legal minds coming together in a positive environment to understand and work toward legal relief for those that need it.

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I work with a highly competent team of professionals to provide a full range of legal services.

Civil Litigation
The professionals at MAKs law are highly trained and proficient in civil litigation. They will assist and guide you through the whole litigation process.
Criminal Law
The Criminal Law team at MAKs Law Firm is fully equipped with the necessary understandings of Criminal Law, Procedures, and the Judicial System.
Family Law
Our lawyer with the support of his team will put forth his best efforts to ensure the best interest of each family
Real Estate Law
Experienced representation in real estate matters for developers , landlords, investors, tenants and other individuals alike
Corporate Law
My lawyer at MAKs law possess exemplary knowledge of Business Law and current trends.
Immigration Law
At MAKs Law we have experience in dealing with a variety of immigration-related issues.
Wills and Estates
MAKs Law is committed to helping individuals and families plan for the future.
Notary Public
There are certain documents you may need to be notarized.
Martha Jackman
“The Protection of Welfare Rights Under the Charter" (1988) 20 Ottawa Review 257 at 326:
B.A. (Queen’s), LL.B. (Toronto), LL.M. (Yale)

The Charter accords rights which can only be fully enjoyed by people who are fed, are clothed, are sheltered, have access to necessary health care, to education, and to a minimum level of income. … [o]ther rights are hollow without these rights

Justice John Sopinka
R. v. Stinchcombe, [1991] 3 S.C.R. 326
Supreme Court of Canada

The Crown has a legal duty to disclose all relevant information to the defence.  The fruits of the investigation which are in its possession are not the property of the Crown for use in securing a conviction but the property of the public to be used to ensure that justice is done.  …  [I]nformation should not be withheld if there is a reasonable possibility that this will impair the right of the accused to make full answer and defence.  … In contrast, the defence has no obligation to assist the prosecution and is entitled to assume a purely adversarial role toward the prosecution.  The absence of a duty to disclose can, therefore, be justified as being consistent with this role.

Justice Ivan Cleveland Rand
Roncarelli v. Duplessis, [1959] SCR 121
Supreme Court of Canada

[T]here is no such thing as absolute and untrammelled “discretion”, that is that action can be taken on any ground or for any reason that can be suggested to the mind of the administrator; no legislative Act can, without express language, be taken to contemplate an unlimited arbitrary power exercisable for any purpose, however capricious or irrelevant, regardless of the nature or purpose of the statute.

Frank Iacobucci
Supreme Court of Canada

We should never lose sight of the fact that even a person accused of the most heinous crimes, and no matter the likelihood that he or she actually committed those crimes, is entitled to the full protection of the Charter [or Constitution]. Short-cutting or short-circuiting those rights affects not only the accused, but also the entire reputation of the criminal justice system. It must be emphasized that the goals of preserving the integrity of the criminal justice system as well as promoting the decency of investigatory techniques are of fundamental importance in applying [the Constitution].