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    No SelectionLess than $350 000$350 000 to $500 000$500 000 to $1 MillionAbove $1 Million to $1.5 MillionAbove $1.5 Million to $2 MillionAbove $2 Million to $2.5 MillionAbove $2.5 Million

    No Selection$150 000 to $250 000$250 000 to $500 000$500 000 to $1 MillionAbove $1 Million

    No SelectionBusiness Owner & Manager (over 50% ownership)Business Owner & Manager (20% to 50% ownership)Senior or Executive Manager


    Have you ever applied for any Canadian visas (ex: Permanent Resident, Visitor, Student, Worker, Temporary Resident Permit)?


    Have you been refused admission, or a travel visa toCanada or any other country?


    Have you been ordered to leave Canada or any othercountry?


    Have you ever committed, been arrested for, or beencharged with any offense in any country, includingdriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs?YesNo

    Have you ever been in the military (includingmandatory service), a militia, or a civil defense unit orthe police?


    Have you ever been employed by a government in asecurity-related capacity?



    Do you or your spouse has any blood relative in Canada Brother/Sister/Parent/Real Uncle/Real Aunt/Child/Grand Parent



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